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Although Motown, Detroits most significant and celebrated contribution to music, had long been gone from the city limits. Detroit was still giving the music industry something to talk about after the exodus that we still are reeling from some almost 50 years later. In the late 80’s , CHERRELLE made her debut with a song written and produced by Legendary Producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis called “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” *Born Cheryl Week Norton in 1958 in Los Angeles, CA, her cousin is singer Pebbles. When her family moved to Detroit, MI, she met bassist/singer Michael Henderson (Wide Reciever) In 1977, Henderson was recording his gold album In the Night-Time (“Take Me I’m Yours,” “In the Night-Time”) and invited CHERRELLE to the studio. She come there in the evenings after she’d finished working at the bank.

*CHERRELLE went on tour with Michael Henderson and Luther Vandross. Later, she recorded a demo that came to the attention of Tabu Records owner Clarence Avant. Her attorney father negotiated the recording contract with Avant’s label that was distributed by A&M Records. Teamed with producers/songwriters Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who had hits with Tabu recording act the S.O.S. Band, CHERRELLE began to have a steady stream of hits: Fragile from summer 1984 produced the singles “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” and the popular radio-aired “When I Look in Your Eyes”; High Priority had the number two R&B Staple Classic hit “Saturday Love,” a duet with labelmate Alexander O’ Neal.

CHERRELLE, claims Detroit and Detroit claims her. Its proof that although Motown Records, may have left, but the well never ran dry. CHERRELLE still enjoys a solid fan base of support not just in Detroit, but around the world. Her debut song , “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” was also covered by British Singer Robert Palmer. Showing the kind of Love and respect she receives Internationally as well. Good Music  can transcend and builds bridges even across Oceans. From the “D” to the U.K. We thank Cherrelle for her voice and contributions she does Detroit proud every time she sings, which she still does to this day. She’s got Love for the “D” and we got Love for her!!

Terry Martin for RnbInTheD.com (*With contribution from CherrelleOfficial Facebook page)

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Cherrelleofficial/

Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherrelle

AllMusic.com – https://www.allmusic.com/artist/cherrelle-mn0000108124/biography



It’s the most basic , but most important thing a singer possesses. Their weapon of choice, their instrument, their voice. Is what makes and or breaks their career. Every great vocalist has a signature sound or tone that is their calling card Legends Patti, Gladys, Chaka and later Jazmine, Brandy and Monica are Power Girls.. Whitney , Mariah &  Jilly from Philly Are Masters of the prototypes of their Vocalese. . . Then there are others who bring something to the table you never heard, and never will forget. In the mold of Toni Braxton, Anita Baker and Phyliss Hyman.. this young lady truly has a weapon all her own, that will command the demand to hear more. TERRI SCHUH, the 20 year old anomaly whose Tenor you will hear and learn to appreciate is on the cusp of a come up that she was destined to make. The third generation vocalist is pedigreed in several ways. She didn’t choose music , it clearly chose her as the vehicle by which the family legacy will continue. Terri was born into music royalty thru her Grandfather William Guest, who was a member of the legendary group Gladys Knight & The Pips. So she has  large shoes to fill. But with an unmistakable signature  vocal, TERRI will no doubt make her own mark very soon.. Obviously with her smoky mature singing voice, she gets comparisons to the legendary Detroit vocalist Anita Baker, and Grammy winner Toni Braxton, but she also draws inspiration from others as well. “Musically terri4Jill Scott inspired me at a young age and made me look a little wider when it comes to my vocal instrument. Professionally & personally Singers and Songwriters Antea  & Anesha Birchett, I got the pleasure to work with Antea in college and she always inspired me to be a smart, strong woman in the business. And  to never let anyone walk all over you, A confident and performance technique and I appreciated every bit of knowledge I learned from her. “ says the former DIME – Detroit Institute of Music Education student who also has R&B lineage, in the form of manager Deborah Stubbs, daughter of legendary Four Tops vocalist, Levi Stubbs. The legacy is deep in her corner as is  the talent in the young entertainer who has been at it for sometime since she was even younger.. “I’ve been a musician for about 10 years. And what made me want to pursue it,  is my love for music. And, because my grandpa wanted at least one of us (me and Sister Marissa) to be an entertainer lol.” She has been fortunate to be surrounded and nurtured by Motown Royalty . She was vocally trained by famed Motown producer, engineer and songwriter,  The Late Clay McMurray. A  very great honor that is not lost on the Phyliss Hyman like entertainer who is an in demand performer in and around Detroit. She has been building a following, thru a steady diet of performances in festivals and name venues like the Music Hals recently christened Aretha’s Jazz Café. She understands and looks forward to the ascension has ups and downs.. “I was to be viewed as the artist that didn’t lose that R&B soul touch. The artist that wasn’t scared to sing those really low notes and be different from most artists. I also want to be a role model for any young artist scared to pursue something after high school that most say is impossible.” 


Its always a joy to see a young artists come into her own. Especially when they are as sweet a person offstage, as they are on. A Mature 20 year old, TERRI is enjoying the ride that comes with the grind..“I love the amazing, crazy talented people I get to meet and/or work with on the daily.  But,  I don’t like the manipulation, corrupt, thieving scoundrels that are also amongst the industry.” Says the Young Detroit vocalist who recently made an appearance on Legendary Detroit DJ Mason Radio program, “One of my professional highlights,  would probably be my interview and ( my song ) “Remaking”  being on 105.9 & showing up on tv twice for Festival Arts, Beats and Eats. I truly don’t think there’s any downside to my career yet except for just a little stress along the way..” says Schuh, Who sees her future clearly, even if she wasn’t making music. She could see herself as a veterinarian or a chef. Or at this time drowning in college debt. But she is on the road to living in the footsteps of some of her favorites. The vocalist who is also a guitarist explains.. “I reeeeally wanna be Esperanza Spalding. The way she executes her songs are so unique, crazy and progressing and I fall in love every time I listen. Her vocals are even better.” Without out a doubt, TERRI SCHUH, is in line to make a mark. Given time and opportunity. Right Now the young vocalist is gearing up for an album release event and to get back to doing her thing onstage and making memorable music of her own. 

-Terry Martin for RnBInTheD.com

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HAVEN’T YOU HEARD – JUNii (of Better In Black)


When the topic of the greatness of  Ms. Lauryn Hill is broached. Often it turns to her prowess as a capable MC and Vocalists., and more than not how she has no competition nor comparison. Hence why her legendary album, “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” has had the unprecedented run of 20 + years with no apparent need nor desire for a follow up. It was that good that singles from the album, still garner airplay worldwide wide. And she is still able to tour, to demand (even with diva worthy legendary behavior, to flat out cancellations  lol). She’s had no peer outside of Maybe Erykah Badu to challenge her legacy.. till now.

FB_IMG_1570623898857For all due purposes, when I’ve spoke of JUNii  (Shaina Ferrell ) formerly Shayy the MC of the Detroit based Hip Hop Soul group BETTER IN BLACK.. I have just said that Lauryn Hill is in Detroit. JUNii is a true talent who not only Raps with nothing but the pureness of Hip Hop in every verse..but Sings with the raw Soul that pours emotion.. is a Songwriter who has a serious pen game..and a producer who makes the most intricate soundscapes of the ethereal eargasms you will hear..and is only a modest 21 years old. She has featured/ collaborated on songs with Detroit based artists, Vocalist AQUARIUZ, on her debut album on the song ” Out Align” and Newly christened BETTER IN BLACK groupmate Rapper NAPPI DEVI’s  song “Da Juice” to great responses.. Starting out as a duo with her brother, Natrol Black, she began dropping some of the purest Hip Hop bangers via SoundCloud as BETTER IN BLACK in 2016 and began to gain attention. With the release of the project “The Garden EP’ in 2017, a project that she was the main producer,  as well as rapping and singing, very well, in cohesion with Natrol,. their sound began to develop and grow encompassing not just Hip Hop, but elements of Jazz, Funk and Soul. They hit a niche and gained attention. They began performing in and around native Detroit. With the release of their next project “DELETE_EVERYTHING’ , they continued their evolution and garnered the attention of industry trade MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE which gave them a stellar review for the EP of 8 out of 10 , Highlighting the string production and overall delivery of the young duo. Entering  Fall 2019, and JUNii has begun to step out and put herself out more as an artist.. dropping a steady diet of Freestyles on Mondays to show what she can do as a serious verse dropper and as an  appetizer for her forthcoming mixtape “KILL BILL” late 2019, and eventual solo project dropping in early 2020 before the next BETTER IN BLACK offering. The first featuring new member NAPPI DEVI, also in 2020. FB_IMG_1570623888049

Her calling card is her undeniable talent as an Authentic Rapper who can also Authentically sing. No autotune or Drakelike vocalizing here. She takes all things she does musically serious and takes no shorts or half steps when it comes to creativity. She seeks to be a full fledged Artist in the mold of the aforementioned  L -Boogie herself,  and the incomparable Missy Elliott. Helming her projects as well as lacing other artists with her Creations as a Songwriter and Producer. .  As I told you earlier, Lauryn Hill ain’t gone nowhere..she resides in the “D” – Terry Martin for RnBInTheD.co.m

The Amalgamation of NAPPI DEVI. .

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NAPPI DEVI,  is an amalgamation of music. He is a rapper who can honestly, and earnestly sing and Vice Versa. He is a Singer, who can also earnestly Rap. Which makes him a hybrid artist. Which in today’s marketplace can be a blessing and a curse. Only the music loving public can decide which talent they prefer. But, it is a talent that DEVI takes in stride. He is a truculent human to begin with. And he manages to be very magnanimous about himself and his talents, as any rapper should be. “I’ve been a artist my whole life to be real. I used to draw my own anime Manga / Comic books back in elementary. With story lines behind them, fight scenes, plot twist. Everything you needed for good content. As a Musical artist though” say the Young Artist, “(Been at it ) since I was 11 years old. Started with poetry & made my way to Rapping & Singing so it’s been 12 years!

It is the honesty and vulnerability in his music that comes thru and connects with his audience. The 23 year old performer reminiscent, of Drake, Childish Gambino, and Miguel, knows how to engage an audience. As he shares the experience with them as if they were in conversation, and his songs are his means of expression and extension of the messages he is trying to convey. And he hits his mark rather liberally. In particular his song “Bad, Bad, Bad” with an easy repetitional chorus that every audience finds themselves singing with him by the songs bridge and helps to further establish a connection between NAPPI and the audience.  “Bad Bad Bad… The day I wrote that song was just another simple ass day, but I never knew it would be one of my most known songs. Every time I perform it, I get MAD LOVE. But also the group I started in High School “Last Tribe” knowing them & growing with them formed me to be so stylish & creative with my art! Downside, making unnecessary friends. You know, the people who’s only around because they’re leeches! Big mistake we all sometimes make.” Says DEVI, who has a rather melancholic ear for music, he chooses beats or compositions that are a very comfortable and uplifting and an arrangement that is pleasing to the ear as it is grooving to the backside. Coming like Common and even Wale over a Soulfully Image may contain: Deveaire Williams, outdoorinduced groove like his song “Da Juice “ featuring fellow artist JUNii from Better In Black, is a guitar laced groove that delivers at a solid pace. With DEVI alternately Singing and rapping mid verse throughout the song. Something that isn’t lost or taken for granted by the artist who has been consistent dropping 2 – 3 consecutive projects (2 Mixtapes/ eps via SoundCloud and 4 singles available for streaming  on all streaming services) in the past 3- 4 years. He is a writer who isn’t afraid to expose his own demons and shortcomings, NAPPI uses the confessional method of revelation to seek and secure understanding between him and his listeners. “I knew music was it after I performed my song called “Mama’s Prayers” the first time ever! I got the crowd going crazy, it was at a local hookah bar. Majority of the people there were standing & chanting a song they never heard before. & With that same song people coming up to me, telling me that I touched them or I made them feel better, & gave them a lil push to keep going. That was the best thing a kid could hear at that time. Dealing with so much myself, but uplifting someone else allowed me to KNOW this is it! This what I’m supposed to be doing!” states the Vocalist who cites Michael Jackson, Eminem, Andre 3000,  & Kendrick Lamar among his many influences as an artist….. “Michael gave me something to look forward to after I got home from school! The man’s dancing & singing made a huge impact on my childhood! Personal influences though, my aunt Sherria, she gave me the drive to go full throttle with my dreams! Wouldn’t have began performing if it wasn’t for her honestly!”  Shout out Aunt Sherria.. Influences don’t have to be artists or famous. Some of the biggest influences are right there with you everyday. 

DEVI is a workhorse who enjoys performing as much as he does recording. His goal is to spread his music around and perform outside the Detroit City limits to grow his audience in 2019 – 20. He is looking to break out of the Detroit scene to spread his music and message all around ..“I want to be viewed as a Enlightened Guru. Teaching through the songs I write & words I speak. Smart enough to make this dream a reality but also humble enough to share my life choices & decisions with the world! I wanna give people a reason to wake up & turn their day around. Cause that’s honestly the only music I listen to!”.  

On another front..NAPPI DEVI will be joining forces with JUNii to officially become a duo in the group BETTER IN BLACK..Devi and JUNii are a musical match as they both are exceptional writers and rappers and vocalists. This partnership was ordained as their collab on Nappis’s “Da JUICE” was the fuse that lit the match that led to their team up. Which no doubt will breed very interesting and Soulful result.  Most of his music is rather upbeat and have a genuine feel to them. A trait he mimics not just in the Sing Songy  materiel, but even in his most raw Rap materiel. NAPPI can spit daggers and brings swagger, authentically. As a fan of artists like Kendrick, DEVI takes his verses to heart, when asked of one of his favorite Kendrick cuts that he himself could envision as his own.. “What song I wish I put out? I wouldn’t say an entire song because I don’t like taking someone else’s credit. But if I made “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” just the hook though. I would transform the minds of the youth. Letting them know the energy you feel (or your first mind) won’t lie to you. Don’t allow fuckery to make it’s way in your day to day life. Keep the fake shit at a distance & continue to achieve!” DEVI is very serious about his music and what he portrays as an artist to those who look up to him and support his music. Speaking on being a role model to those under him..“To the youth growing into their artistry. Be yourself, never be too naive or too much of a know it all. Trust your instincts but don’t be fooled by false Prophets. Work hard, never give up, relax it’s not that serious. Make the music you wanna make! & Learn to let go of the haters that said you couldn’t do it. Cause one day, their gonna be your biggest fans! Like most artists on the grind. DEVI realizes what the industry can offer and also take away. That’s why his own grounding in the game is so important to maintain.  After so many horror stories of the industry. He believes in making sure to remain as Human and Humble as possible.  “The Industry is like a job, it’s got its ups & downs. I’m not too fond of the fake energy that flows around the industry, all the shit talkers, all the artist who aren’t actual artist. All the negative things that ruin careers. But the upside is the exposure you receive. The money that comes after you do a great job! The claim to the top where most said you wouldn’t be! It’s a little overwhelming but exciting at the same time.” Spoken like a true to his craft and self Artist. NAPPI DEVI, has a lot on his plate for the remaining 2019 and into 2020. The release of another EP in the form of “7-11” dropping in January to start the year off. He is also collaborating to create a new Better In Black project with fellow artist and groupmate , JUNii. He and JUNii had such a blast making the song “DaJuice” together, they decided to join together as Better In Black. Their sound and energy  is amazing to watch as they not only Rap in with emboldened passion, but turn around and blend as capable vocalists on original songs as well as Classic R&B Mash Ups.. A staple they plan to use in online offerings as well as in their stage set. DEVI, could not honestly see himself doing anything else. But if he did, I imagine he would do it well and in his own style.. “If I couldn’t make music? I’d probably be a Chef owning my own Restaurant, or a Graphic Designer. But I like music 100 times more, so I’m pretty sure this was supposed to happen!” Exactly, and on the future with Nappi Devi, “In five years, I see myself working on my Second or Third album. Touring & learning new things, creating with Junii & other talented artist. Collaborating with people I used to look up to! & Adapting to the rich life!” But, he is a D_ Boy ( Detroit that is!! WHatUpDo!!) So the “D” is never off his mind for long. He is more than aware and grateful to be a Decendent of some of the Iconic Greats who cast long shadows and high expectations on their Decendents.. “Detroit is home so I love everything about it. The music has changed a lot since The Jackson 5, Aretha, Stevie, Aaliyah, Eminem & Big Seans… & It’s always changing. The gang banging shit gone eventually play it’s self out & all the creative & witty artist will get their shine.” And right now, We’re coming up on NAPPI DEVI Time to shine. . #DeviTime

Terry Martin for RnBInTheD.com

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Muse Discovered. . LAURIE LOVE

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As a music lover. When you discover an artist and connect with their music. It’s special. It’s organic and personal. It makes you want to keep the discovery to yourself. Although you know,  should others make the same discovery, you will be forced to sharing your discovery with others.  So if you are one of the many who discovered Detroit artist LAURIE LOVE, prepare for the heartbreak of her blowup. The young  singer/ songwriter/ musician is poised to make a leap from organic obscurity to a destined place of  public adoration once the next issue of music is birthed from the artist who cites a lot of 90s era vocalists as inspirations.. “Brandy inspires me. She’s my fav vocalist. ” Says Love, ” As a little girl, Aaliyah made want to become an artist. I love Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Erykah Badu,  Neyo, and Miguel. Frank Ocean, inspires me to become a better songwriter.” According to the vocalist who started singing in church , and wrote her first song at 14. In the current landscape of the music scene, we have an onslaught of young R&B sistas making noise in the latter of the second decade of the new millennium..The likes of SZA, Ella Mai, H.E.R. Khelani and Jhene Aiko, have dropped game changing music not to mention more recent offerings from the newer class of Young R&B chicks like Dani Leigh,  Kiana Lede, and more have the market place loaded with not just quality music, but  very adequate all around artists who can create and deliver as well live as performers. The Era of the R&B Chicks is in full swing.  Image may contain: 1 personSo it is perfect timing for the Singer who’s first project at age 19,  the 2015 Mixtape, ” Heavy Rotation” released independently  garnered her fans and a base that has been clamoring for more music from the former basketball enthusiast from Motown, who although is more than capable with her pengame, still recogniz s and respects those before her. In speaking on some of her favorite music, cites a Rhianna song,  as one she loves so much, she would have loved to be able to call hers., As she tells it, I wish I would have wrote and recorded “Yeah I said it” by Rihanna. That song fits my creative vibe so well. Every time I listen I wish I wrote it first lol…” But as of  209, LAURIE’s future as an artist got a serious lift and recognition in the form of her selection as one of the first recipients of streaming service TIDAL who lists Sean Carter or the artist/ mogul known as Jay Z as an owner. Opened up submissions for the Inaugural run of the #TIDALUnplugged grant for artists. A special added qualification was the grant was specifically designated for Detroit based artists. And after thousands of entries, LOVE would be chosen as one of it’s finalists. A blessing that is far from lost on the future Soul Sister.. “I  Felt grateful. It’s been trial and error and being blessed with that opportunity just reassured me that my path is my path and I’m suppose to be on this journey no matter how long it takes.”

Like most artists,LAURIE has endured many ups and downs in approaching a career in music. Its taken her what feels like eternity, but feels like ecstasy  says the songwriter who discusses her highs and lows in the industry. “I would say right now is my biggest moment as an artist. Having a platform as big as TIDAL support me is something major for me. The Lowest,  has been my moments of finding myself. Not having access to resources. Not being inspired because of personal things therefore hindering my creative process. I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing if not music lol. .  it’s my passion.”, says the creative Sagittarius. Who no doubt is ready to enter the next phase of her career. She has prepped herself for stardom by surrounding herself with people who are as passionate about their craft and position as she is. She is currently lining up producers and the like to approach her upcoming project as a part of the #TIDALUnplugged Grant as well as beyond. In an industry where individuality and the industry often fight each other every step of the way. LAURIE has  found a comfort zone in her approach to the industry . “My favorite thing about the industry is that it exist lol. The fact that we get to creatively express ourselves. I like that I can be inspired by the industry. Worst part is the shenanigans. The gimmicks that it includes. Sometimes its just too fake for me.” Laurie answers on her observation of things. 

Image may contain: 1 person, textA very bright future awaits the artist who is very much able and ready to attack and own her destiny without apology or a “Plan B”. Her plan is to be the artist that she is creating above all else..When asked if not music where does she see herself..”I’d probably be working on owning my own business of some sort so that I can travel the world freely. That’s all I wanna do at the end of the day. See the world. ” The free spirited Vegan and fitness fanatic who keeps herself in tune physically as well as musically for the long haul. ” I see myself having multiple albums out, touring, seeing different places, having my businesses outside of music that I brainstorm on successfully up and running. I see myself being a voice actor in animation and maybe even an actress in a show. The possibilities are endless.” And given the talent , drive and tireless ambition, We are in for a great ride with her. – Terry Martin for RnBinTheD.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lmusiq

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Club SOUL 2   Club SOUL 1

Its been a minute since there was an actual R&B group on the landscape. Not since the 90s and early 2000s, which brought us the last round of groups such as Dru Hill, B2K, Day 26 and Danity Kane, Have we enjoyed music made in unison by a unit. Fast forward to 2018, and the rebirth is in motion. Detroit was home base for some of the greatest groups of all time like the Four Tops, Dramatics, Spinners, Supremes, Miracles and the prototype, The Temptations. So its only fitting that the rebirth take place in the”D” in the form of Soul duo, Producer/ Vocalist Akinyele the Black Night and Vocalist Leon Taylor, collectively CLUB SOUL. The group came together thru mutual admiration of one another’s work. “I saw Akinyele at the Bullfrog (local club) and after his performance I was trying to meet him. His music was banging” said Leon.. Imagine his surprise to find out Akinyele was an already skilled and in demand producer as well as an exciting artist. Akinyele, a talented multi instrumentalist as well, felt the same about Taylor. ” I hadn’t heard of him before. But when he sang. I said man, we gotta hook up on some tracks!!” And soon they were doing just that. According to Leon, ” I went in to do some tracks and came out a member of the family..” Not surprising given the mutual instant respect they gave each other. What started out as just doing a little writing and recording, morphed into a full blown project between the two Detroit artists. Calling it CLUB SOUL, as way of combining their love of R&B and paying tribute to those before them. Explaining the origins of the group Akinyele stats, “CLUB SOUL, is not a group. Its a Tribute to Real R&B music. Myself , my R&B brother Leon Taylor put it together , But , its much bigger and more than just us and you will soon see what we mean in the future to come.”, Offering a glimpse into the many different incarnations and aspects of creativity they plan, and can explore, within the Club SOUL project. But Leon and Akinyele, will remain as core to the project making sure it stays true to the original formula.


When you meet Akinyele Spaight a.k.a. Akinyele the Black Night, you will feel his aura. but not in an arrogant or above it all kind of way. What you see is a multi faceted amalgamation of music. He wears many hats all in the name of music. He is an artist releasing up to 2 or more mixtapes/ eps of his own original music consistently for the past 3 years, as well as a producer/ Songwriter gospel party/musician and music company owner with projects out or in the works for a growingakinyele Club SOUL number of artists. Add to that he is a father himself over two budding artists. His son Akinyele JR. Who is traveling the Gospel path of musical expression, And daughter Kazha Akimone’, who is a young vocalist and writer in her own right. So the music is in the blood thick. “Akinyele, is my birth name. “The Blk. Night” comes from my Pops. This was his Alias back when he was touring and on the road playing lead guitar for so many of the greats. He passed it on to me and I’m running with it.”, Says the young producer and artist, who has been trolling around the Detroit scene for a few years now. His sound is one of them definitely dirty Soul, mixed with sensual and sexy lyrics as well as sound b as s subwoofer music. One thing that defines this sound, is its rawness, but polished delivery. Very reminiscent of The Dramatics, Teddy Pendergrass, O’Jays and the Philly Soul sound of the mid 70s. His style as a songwriter and producer, is derived from honest to goodness soul. “As far as my sound, it’s just me. Just unapologetic honestly me. Yes, I’m from Motown. I am a “D” Boy, so I’m sure that pedigree is in my blood. But I just do what feels good to me.” Says the in demand local producer. Who is building a roster of awesome talent from in and around Detroit .. He even has a name for his studio where the magic happens… The Black Cave, Where thru his production company, Black Night Music LLC. He is plotting a musical empire of his own.. And now, he has the family to help in the uprising.



Some people pursue music. Others have music thrusted upon them. They cant avoid it. Its called DESTINY, When your every journey leads you down the same road over and over again. For Vocalist LEON TAYLOR, the journey began with a dare in the 5th grade. leon“On a dare, I went up to sing during the talent show in the 5th grade. I chose Mario’s “Let Me Love You”. When I did it, I didn’t think much of it. But when I was done the response I got was like Wow!! You can really sing!! Everyone kept saying things like that. I was hooked.” said Taylor who immediately began using his newfound talent for the Lord. “I sung in Church and for 2 years Church conventions, working with Gospel artists like Deitrick Haddon  and  Hezekiah Walker doing backing vocals. But it wasn’t until about two years ago (2015) that I decided to pursue it as an artist myself.”says Leon who cites the likes of Jazmine Sullivan, Tank, Zebulon Ellis, and Smokie Norful as influences. Ever the humble cat, when he originally planned to join the Armed Forces, however that did not work out due to no fault of his own.. He retreated back to music. Taylor put his foot on every stage that would have him and started his own music company to release his own music, Taynation Music. Where he released a single called “Look Like Bae” and released a full album called “Love Can”. He became a staple on not just the club circuit, but hitting various open mics and seeking to spread the word about himself around, he came upon The Blk Night himself and rest is Soulful History. After tracking with the Blk. Night it became an easy decision to link up  as artists.


Serving the first helping of the unity known as CLUB SOUL, FB_IMG_1520939605168.jpgthe Blk. Night and Taynation are giving us the Soul and Funk we’ve been missing. The first single “Knock Em Out The Box” is an uptempo Funkfest that borrows from Hip Hop as well 80’s/90s Soul… with Akinyele and Leon setting the table for healthy dose of R&B. Gems on the project include “Sunshine”, “He Ain’t Me” and “Oh Yeah” Overall its an album full of soul reminiscent of the days of LeVert, Keith Sweat and 90’s Soul with sensual balladry and Uptempo burners. The chemistry between Akinyele’s precise production and songwriting paired with smooth vocals of Leon Taylor and Akinyele himself  deliver some Grown Man Soul for the adults in the room.  You can hear the influences of Johnny Gill and even a little R. Kelly come thru on the arrangements laced to appeal to the Real R&B Lovers. You are invited to the club..

~ T. MARTIN, RnBIn the D.WordPress.com

Club Soul debut EP out Now!! On SPotify, iTunes, TIDAL, Amazon and more!!

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ONE of the first things you you notice and never forget about young vocalist from Ann Arbor, MI….MYNA ( Rashmi Pandian) is her spirit. The humble selfless aura that belies her young 18 years, is evident upon meeting and greeting the first generation Indian American, who prefers hugs to handshakes. With the posting of several of her musical creations, has begun to stake her name as an artist. Delivering in the form of her song called , “Lemon Trees (YELLOW)” an ode to people around you changing up….from her soon to come out EP titled “roygbv” – Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Violet.. Dropping in February, the title is an ode to the colors of the rainbow.. and her feelings of it. Lyrically largely written by MYNA featuring production from several up & coming producers.. It is a strong effort from such a young soul. Heavily influenced by other young Ingenues of the day like Solange, SZA and one if her favorites, Jhene Aiko, with whom she draws natural comparisons, which MYNA humbly takes as the ultimate compliment. She is also a multi instrumentalist, playing electric guitar, piano and ..ukulele. Self taught no less and a tribute to her tenacity and seriousness to her chosen craft. Her vocal parallels between ethereal and breezy, yet confident in its execution. Which she uses to her advantage during performances where she draws in with her warmth and then delivers a commanding performance to a captivated audience. She is fluid in her cadence heavy delivery, often alternating in a rhythmic delivery and almost rapping, within an already passionate delivery. With her song, the Soundcloud released, “Lemon Trees” having gained some 12k views, she is poised to continue to grow.

Being a singer/ songwriter was probably not her parents planned for the her. But being exposed to not only the music and customs of her heritage, while simultaneously growing up in a western hemisphere way of life. Gave MYNA the insights and appreciation if being a world individual versus cookie cutter All American girl. Her writing offers the views of a young woman coming of aged, in this still young millennium. Dealing with relationships both romantic and friendship based, along within a climate of diversity thanks to being a product of Ann Arbor, Mi. Where the world renown University of Michigan sits in your backyard and encompasses the majority of the city. Of course education is important to the only daughter of Indian immigrants, Who coincidentally, was accepted to rival Michigan State University. MYNA has also shown been serious about this music thing for a minute. In b preparation is currently enrolled in college courses preparing to enter college fulltime in the near future.


As for now..we get to enjoy the music of MYNA that uses lush landscapes paired with Sparse Hip Hop beats along with MYNA’s pleading yet confident vocals reminiscent of Groove Theory vocalist Amel Larriuex and Goapele. Cuts like the aforementioned “Lemon Trees”, “Spaceship Serenade” and “Loud”, find the young singer riding grooves that would make even the most stringent of Hip Hop heads nod…She had range as well..during LIVE performances, she can be heard taking Songs by as diverse artists as Adele and Frank Ocean..to even 50 Cent.. Showing her ability to adapt to music not like her own. But to make the music her, own…T.Martin

Listen to 7:30 – MYNA & Sam Watson [Prod. SCHEM/\TIC] by MYNA #np on #SoundCloud

BETTER IN BLACK: Decendently speaking

Hip Hop, is going thru an identity crisis..Purists, who believe that it should look or sound a certain way versus what it looks and sounds like today. When what we should be, is proud when future and the past intersect to create something we all can enjoy and respect. With that being said, I have to Thank the Soundcloud Gods for their dependency on algorithms. For without the aforementioned programming procedure, I may never have been introduced to , and now a full on fan of the Hip Hop/ Soul, brother and sister duo ..BETTER IN BLACK. .comprised of Shayy the MC and Blac Natrol, they breathe and carry a torch for Hip Hop like it was the 90s. With a style heavily dependent on a mixture of Bone Thugs like cadence, with the sensibilities of Souliquarians: ATCQ, De La Soul, and the Roots, add in vocals reminiscent of Badu and and Dionne Farris, and of course the aesthetics of their undoubtedly Hip Hop Predecessors , The Fugees and the legendary Lauryn Hill…Just their DNA alone is enough to make bohemian rapture. Influenced no doubt by the enlightened Daisy/Afrocentric era of Hip Hop by the likes of Arrested Development and the individuality of Outkast.. and given their very young age (Shayy , 19 and Natrol, 17) they are the living breathing embodiment of what we imagined the offspring of the Golden age of Hip Hop, would matriculate into. RnB In the D recently went Q&A with Singer/Rapper/ Producer and sister of the duo, Shayy to get some insight on what we need to know about the young artists in residence, who have released three very well executed and vibrant pure Hip Hop/SoulCentrific EPs via SoundCloud..Let’s get it in:

ShayyRnB: This “June” EP..is tailormade for “Insecure”..I can picture Issa with effed up look on her face while “June” or “Small things” is playing in n the background!!

Shayy: And ahh thank you, I had a good time creating this EP… it’s something small and personal !! I’ve never really watched the show yet but I’ll look into watching it lol 😆✨

RnB: You should check it out..so in total..y’all have three EPs of sorts?..With this EP more about your singing than Hip Hop ..It’s dope. It sounds personal ..Where did you record it..Who write produces ..you did I’m guessing?

Shayy: Yes we have three in total.. this EP’s meaning was basically about my favorite month.. plus my birthday month lol, which is june but also the shortness of the songs are equivalent to how “short” the month of june actually is.. then the songs itself just express how I was feeling in the month of june, which wasn’t too well .. so I started writing exactly how I felt but it was in also in a way that would help me release a lot of things that I often get stuck in.. And i recorded it here lol , I also did the mixing/ some mastering , writing and production on the EP lol.. just in my room on my laptop.. not the BEST quality yet , but i’ve learned a lot because of the time I’ve spent with it..

RnB: That’s dope!! You’re a thinker..What day is your birthday? My wife and Son are both in June. Are you adding anymore songs to the EP?

Shayy: My birthday is june 21 , gemini ! 😆 lol that’s cool , we’d all get along then lol! And there were supposed to be more but i think “Small things”, sort of concluded the EP .. but i do have a few songs that didn’t make it that i’m going to rerecord with better quality and put them out as singles

RnB: We’re there plans to add more to the EP? Its kind of short. I’m loving the mood..and I understand and respect the concept..What about Natrol? is he on anything for this EP?

Shayy: yes i do have one more that’ll go great on this EP that i really wanted to add, it’s called ” color me ” that was the first song i actually started working on back in june.. but i’m getting all new equipment so that’s why i kind of wrapped it up but i will still add that song to the EP .. and actually i wanted him to be on a few parts , which i still can do lol because i have like a little intro / outro as well so it’s technically not finished yet.

RnB: There it is. It’s a glimpse into Shayy..It’s kind of your “MisEducation..” not to put the Lauryn stamp on you so much. But you’re dope. So get ready for a lot of comparisons..Question..If not music..What would you be doing instead? Where do you see yourself/Better in Black in 5 years? How do you feel about music vs. The industry?

Shayy: ahh thank you ! lol it’s okay , lauren is great and she’s definitely an inspiration for me.. we already know A LOT about how the industry runs.. i read a lot and do a lots of research on how this industry is ran lol so i know it’s definitely not an easy ride , but for the love of music, it’s always worth it. i think i’d be doing something in the criminal justice field lol .. i love law and order so i’d be like a detective… but i see us being very well known locally and in other cities

RnB: What do you think of Hip Hop right now..R&B..what’s lacking? What do you like?bib album

Shayy: i think in hip hop , it’s lacking original content and character. i believe it’s hit a slump and now everybody who is making something that’s “too different ” is not being validated as ” good music ” and now it’s all about the hype music.. but i feel like our supporters are really into our music lol. And as far as r&b , i’ve actually heard some really good musicians hat are bringing it back so i’m feeling what’s happening with that lol

RnB: Insightful…Who Are some if influences and inspirations musically..personally?

Shayy: If you know me then you know that amy winehouse is just.. my everything lol, kendrick lamar is one of the main reasons for how i am now.. biggie smalls, steely dan, whitney huston , mariah carey, tori kelly, ice cube , snoop… it’s so many lol it’s all over the place..

RnB: I’m a big HBCU dude…if you went to an HBCU..where would you go..what sorority would you pledge..You seem like a Howard U/ AKA chick:-))..I dig your thought patterns ..What artists are you digging right now?

Shayy: well i would’ve chose an HBCU college to go lol and i would’ve pledged delta i believe…and i actually have gone through my rights of passage which is also a sorority lol.. and thank you 😊.. and at the moment , there’s this artist called Sabrina Claudio , but i’ve been listening to her since she came out and this other artist called lèon.. she’s amazing lol.. it’s a bunch of others too..

RnB: Firestick or Netflix?

Shayy: Netflix

RnB: With your style of music, ..Do you feel out of place or right at home in the Detroit music scene. What do you dig about The “D”? Dislike

Shayy: Sometimes i do because of the name and sound that detroit has already given so i think when people are new to us , they expect what they’ve already heard…i think detroit should get more attention but i feel like it’s only a niche in the music industry… even after all of these years.

RnB: Wow..June babies..MY WIFE, is into Sabrina Claudio!! Turned me on to her!! Given your sound y’all will breakthrough nicely. .Given what you know and have experienced..would you sign with a major label, indie or stay independent? Why/Why not?

Shayy: lmfaoo yes see me and your wife already know ! 😊 She’s AMAZING… and no I wouldn’t sign to a major label UNLESS it was TDE because i’m in love with SZA and I’ve been a fan of kendrick for 7 years so I feel like I know him lol.. they’ve always had the freedom of putting out there own content and i respect that.. but I think we’d stay independent as of now.. BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t form a team lol

RnB: Yeah I think it’s easier now with technology and such…If you’re music is dope..which it is..people will find it..Its mostly promo that gets you over…Yeah SZA is double dope af!! Are you going to her show at Fillmore?..I think the Detroit scene gets international love..Danny Brown, Black Milk, Slum on the Hip Hop side are big in Europe…Have you gotten any attention from overseas yet? How’s that feel or make you feel about your music?

Shayy: yes that’s very true, so I just let the music speak for itself 😊.. and yes I’m going ! I just have to buy my ticket lol yes I’ve worked with the guys Young Brit , we’ve done a few songs together and some of his audience has came over to our music as well lol, it feels good in general to have people from all over listening to our music.. it’s a good feeling to know that somebody , somewhere could be playing one of our songs lol

RnB: In closing..how would you as Better in Black, an artist, and individual like to be perceived and remembered..

Shayy: I would want people to remember us in comparison to a breath of fresh air… meaning every time they hear our music , it’s refreshing and something that doesn’t get old.. a mixture of soft and hard.. like yin and yang.

RnB: Kind of how we feel after listening to Better in Black..Like we’re Yin and ..Better in Black..is yang. Your music feels very personal..Like how Issa Rae once said about how black. Chicks that went to college feel about Drake..”It’s like he gets us”..And we get Better in Black

Shayy: ahhh well that’s a way to say it ! 😊 i just want people to be able to have a relationship with our music and not think it’s only targeted to a certain crowd, it’s about variety. – T. Martin

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/WeAreBetterInBlack/

Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/better-in-black/sets



To say vocalist CHECHI SARAI was built for this music thing, Is a gross understatement. In short time she has built a resume worthy of a music biz veteran and shows no signs of slowing things down.Lets start with the obvious. YES She can sing the wings off angels. Anyone desiring of proof need only look to her YouTube channel where her cover clips AVERAGE, 20,000 authentic views each consistently. Or look to her professional resume where as a songwriter for the likes of Bad Boy artists Day 26 and as a backing vocalist for Soulster Eric Benet. Or to her extensive time as a choreographer for Teddy Riley. Needless to say she is one very talented and tireless young lady. A Michigan Native born to Immigrant Nigerian parents, CHECHI embraces and uses every fiber of her being in her career. “Some of my musical influences are Celine Dion, Brandy, UB40, Gyptian, and Awilo Logamba. My father and sister had a huge impact on my development. My father is responsible for my versatility. He used to be a DJ and exposed me to music from all of the world and a very young age. My sister Ogech helped develop my talent. In 1st grade I could already harmonize. She taught me how to dance and play piano as well.” says CHECHI, speaking on the many inspirations and influences that have shaped her well rounded approach to music. To understand CHECHI SARAI is to see her perform. SHE, enjoys it as much if not more than her audience does. She often smiles like a child on Christmas day when performing. Its almost a guilty pleasure in seeing someone so happy about what they are doing.”I love the opportunities that the industry provides. I hate the superficial part in the industry. The unrealistic expectation of artist is such a bad example for children.” says SARAI who is every bit the artists artist. . “I have been an artist forever. I truly decided to ditch school and outside music full time when I was 21.” on her decision to approach music full time. ” I want to viewed as an inspiring and positive artist that changed lives. I want to be known as a fighter. I represent the underdog and I will give everyone hope.”chechi3

Her unquenched desire to be an all around performer has led to some lucrative and very high profile gigs as well as a first hand industry education for the young singer..In addition to her well received cover videos. CHECHI, has been of late engulfed in creating her own original music. .”Touring with Eric Benet was life changing. Singing on his set as more of a lead role than back up. I had the opportunity to do duets with him. Opening up for Gyptian (a popular Raggae artist) was big deal for me too. He helped me feel more comfortable with my true swag that reveals my Nigerian roots immediately.”  Opportunities the vocalist has no question earned by being ready when opportunity knocks. Something she has always prepared herself for is to be skilled and ready to show off her talents including being a top notch dancer and choreographer..”I had taught dance many times in my life in colleges and middles school but at some point I lost confidence after spending more time  on being an artist as a whole.” speaking on an opportunity to work with New Jack Swing creator , Teddy Riley. . “I had the opportunity to choreograph for him (Teddy Riley). I had only the night before to prepare myself and 3 other dancers. After the show I knew I could do it again and for anybody.” Explaining why she holds herself to a high standard.  The results speak for themselves.

But of course the industry isn’t always so bright a gratifying. When speaking on some of the low points of her journey. CHECHI offer her own view of things,  “Downfalls I’ve experienced, were learning some industry lessons the hard way. I have no regrets though. I don’t make the same mistake twice. In 5 years,  I will be touring the world and changing lives. I would only and always be making music. ” An observation and rock solid tetement to the drive of a confident and more than capable artist. Another thing that is very admirable of the vocalist, is her constant embrace of her Nigerian roots. It gives her not only world appeal, but legitimizes and makes authentic where she gets her style and swag from. She is a go to performer as opener or co headliner for International artists such as Baby Cham, Gyptian , Flavour and international electronic act The Brookes Brothers.Equally at home working in pop, R&B, trap, Afrobeat, High Life (Nigerian music), and Rock music, her versatility as a performer and composer is unmatched among her peers. “My music is a message of individuality, self-love, and perseverance, all of which were strengthened and solidified in me due the setbacks that I have overcome.” Ever the optimist, CHECHI SARAI has been hard at work creating music for her debut album as well as putting out a very strong ep from2016 called “BRAGGING RIGHTS” displaying  her octave reaching expertise on a Riddim mix to the classic Minnie Riperton song “Loving You” and her title song “Bragging Rights” to hold us over till the album drops in 2017.
Website is chechisarai.com
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dominique-davisNot many people are aware of Hamtramck Michigan. A small barely 2 miles in radius, city within Detroit. Established and still populated by Polish immigrants of the early 20th Century. And in the latter part of the 20th Century home to a good sized population of Arab American citizens as well. But it is also home to a burgeoning young Soul Singer making preparations to blow up the music scene. DOMINIQUE DAVIS, is a young artist with the blessings of musical talents that are world class. A vocalist, as well as a skilled songwriter and musician. DAVIS is only in the starting phase of her young career. But has prepped and primed herself for much of her short 20 years on the planet. Born in Columbia, SC but raised in the “D” more specifically Hamtramck. DOMINIQUE who plays alto sax and piano, says,  ” I’ve been singing since I could remember and I’ve been publicly singing since about 9 at local events in Hamtramck such as sports events, city hall events, teacher’s meetings, etc. I had the opportunity to sing for Vice President Joe Biden,  at the Jefferson-Jackson Democratic event at Cobo Hall. I just recently branched out to do my own music and here we are!” Modestly condensing the work shes put in even before deciding to make it a career. Writing , Singing , producing and recording songs  that would become her 4 song debut EP called “Trouble Waters” with a friend from college with a home studio setup. The end results are awesome and stand up to anything the industry currently has in rotation. Using her single “Done” as a calling card. DOMINIQUE’s pleading but strong tenor is front and center. Making every note she sings fill the song with a passionate yet confident declaration of not dismissing her lover  until she is Done’ with him. Utilizing a Trap Soul beat with her sensuous but earnest tenor reminiscent of a young raw Mary J. Blige, or Fantasia. She has a distinct soulful vocal that will no doubt make her voice recognizable.

As a songwriter., DOMINIQUE DAVIS  pen game is on point. She co wrote and produced her music  along with her producers making it a very personal yet liberating experience. When asked where she draws her inspirations from she says, “I do love Rihanna and my influences range! from Mary J, Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, Adele, Johnny Gill, Kehlani, Old, young, new, trap music, soul, indie, r&b I love it all! I use inspirations from all..”. She also draws her inspiration from  her own life experience as well. “I just have spent a lot of time around different cultures and I appreciate every style and I try to incorporate that in my music. I love reggae though, so that could be an inspiration as well.” And on her creation process and how it came together.” We set it up in the house and got to work as best we could.” The EP definitely came together well.. in addition to “Done”  on the 4 track project, She does evoke  a bit of Erykah Badu  and show off a little range and register elevation .Hitting notes reserved for Mariah Minions.  But DAVIS,  does so in a soulful passionate vibed out way of delivering a song, That makes it more of a Soulful wail a la Avant Garde’ Soul Legend Nina Simone, then a Memorex moment. Getting her feet wet onstage and getting the word and music on this first release right now is of her most immediate of plans. ” I am in the works of getting some shows together. And I’d like to collab with anyone!!” Says DOMINIQUE.

The young vocalist is also building her YouTube following by posting acoustic piano driven covers of dune of her favorite songs with her own vocal styling and, getting her Alicia Keys mojo working by accompanying herself on the keys. She recently posted her own variation of the classic Sam Cooke song, “A Change Gon Come”. Where she takes creative license by adding her own verse, in response to the divisiveness of our country at this time. Adding the lines “Some can’t go out the country. Some scared to go to certain towns. Our own President tryna hold us down”. She states on her own contribution to unification.. “Our lives are in danger, the least I could do is sing about it.” Using her talent to bring people together. You are the Bomb Dom…

– T. Martin