” I love how diverse the industry as a whole is, but I hate how such repetitive content and genres are being pushed to the mass consumer population. I wish the top 40 had more of the music inspired by the underground, more of the music with lyrics that are abstract and describe a feeling people thought was indescribable.” – Kat Moscone

     The Canadian music scene is a bit of a step child to the music indusrty. Its recognized but not well respected as serious musical contributers. To us in the states we see Canadians making music as a little brother of sorts. But then, the likes of Drake happened. And worse yet, Justin Beiber happened. And now two of the biggest selling artists in the past decade are Canadian. And, under 30. So we will be hearing from them for at least another 20 years or so. So now we are poised for a bonafied Canadian songstress to come and fulfill the Canadian Musical prophecy. Enter KAT MOSCONE. Young, talented, ambitious, accomplished and ready to further establish herself as not just a star. But as a serious contender to fill the spotlight that will eventually dim on the Rhiannas & Beyonce’s currently dominating Pop music. At a young age the already burgeoning artist has begun to make a name for herself in her native canada..“I’ve been singing since birth and performing around the same time, but I think I really became an artist when I was in grade seven. I began to understand myself and understand my music more. I was able to express my truth in a way that wasn’t biased to the artist I thought I needed to be. I started writing songs that made ME happy and it turned out it made other people happy, too.” , says the well read and confident MOSCONE. “A Professional highlight for me would be when I did a TV show that aired here in Canada, and I filmed a music video for my own song. I learned a LOT through that whole experience (good and bad) and got a lot of kat mos.jpg3exposure (good and bad). All in all, it debuted my career.”, speaking on her official start as an artist after placing on a national Reality singing competition ( like American Idol) called “The Next Star” in which she placed fourth. It led to her becoming known in Canadian households and to her first professional music video for her original song called “Lioness”.  After the show, KAT has begun to sink her teeth into creating a debut ep and building on the notoriety from appearing on the show.  “I’m influenced by a lot of new artist who have taken from the R&B and the synth pop realms and created a whole new sound. I’m obsessed with BANKS, Halsey, FKA Twigs, Unbuttoned, and Marian Hill. I feel like I’ve let my music become a flow of every part of me possible; the strength and grit of my confident soul, the modernism and revolution of the music I listen to, lyrics that reflect this poetically blunt way that I look at life… I try to use my music to be the most honest version of me. Personally, I think my dad influences me as a person most. I’ve always felt close to him and I trust him, and his opinion means a lot to me because he’s such a smart man. He’s always been truthful and supportive with me, and I love him a lot. “ speaking on her direction in music. The young ingenue is on the way to a stellar career and not afraid.Seeing music as not her passion but her lifeline. “Honestly, if I couldn’t make music, I would be dead. I struggled with a lot in my life, and I don’t feel that I would have been able to make it through without the hope of waking up the next day to sing.” A sincere artist who unquestionably knows what she wants and is willing to work to get there. Part of the treat in watching an artist like KAT grow, is knowing she will make her mark and be impactful. And, wondering how far will she go. With the heart of a Lioness (ie. her debut video) it is only a matter of time when the view from her perch be not only a fulfillment, but only a rung on the ascent. – Terry Martin


Instagram: @katmoscone
Twitter: @katmoscone
Facebook Page: Kat Moscone 
Recent YouTube Video:

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