The Maestro, The Message and the Music: LASHAWN D. GARY


DILIGENT PURSUIT best describes the systematic approach I have taken to the fulfillment of my dreams. It includes spirituality, education, creativity, performance, technology, preparation and perseverance. Music production and film score has been the intention of my preparation. A craftsman knows the versatility of his craft, which broadens his ability to capture the imaginations of others and accomplish the goal. The continuation of my journey has been grounded through my faith in God. The diligence of my pursuit has been in perseverance, recognizing that when one door closes, God opens another.

~LaShawn D. Gary


  Throughout his much accomplished musical life. He has done just about everything you could do as a musician.. Toured with legends, written and produced for major ads, attained a Bachelors and Masters Degrees  in Music, performed as a member of one of the most storied HBCU Marching Bands, Southern University Marching Band a.k.a. “The Human Jukebox” and the list can, and does go on. It was only as of 2015. Did he decide to release his own original music as an artist. LASHAWN D. GARY, is music. in every element. The native Detroiter has a resume that reads like a career guide for one seeking a career in music. He has had more than hands on experience in many genres as not only a writer, but as composer, gifted pianist, producer, copyist, arranger and all areas in between. Beginning in the halls of Detroits Mackenzie High School and continuing to Baton Rouge , Louisiana where  he received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Southern University, Louisiana in Instrumental Music Education and a Master’s Degree in Music Education from the University of Louisville. He received training in the areas of Computer Music Technology and Jazz Composition with an emphasis on orchestration and arranging. Something that no doubt has aided him in the many positions and assignments he has  been involved in throughout his long illustrious musical career. LASHAWN, has a p12439405_255146154827123_3153904669287356316_nassion for teaching instrumental music. For the last fifteen years, he has shared his passion for music in East Baton Rouge Parish Schools, Detroit Public Schools, Ecorse Public Schools and Chicago Public Schools. He has also had the pleasure of working within the music industry with more than a few names in more than a few capacities..LaShawn’s secular work includes Keith Washington (Live Performance), Sean Kingston (Orchestration), L. J. Reynolds of the Dramatics (String Arranger), Joss Stone (Copyist), Raphael Saadiq (Copyist), Four Tops (Copyist/Arranger), Producer Michael J. Powell (Studio Musician) and Arranger Paul Riser (Copyist). He has also arranged and written for various Nationwide spots for Toyota and Detroit based Happys Pizza featuring the Four Tops.

And as blessed with the gift of music in his sou. it is also his passion to utelize his Gift in honor of the Lord. God has called LaShawn to use his gifts in the music ministries of
several churches. He served as the Director of Music for the great Oak Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) in Detroit and  has served as a musician for St. John AMEC in Aurora, Illinois. Proverbs 18:16, “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men” has been Shawn’s experience. As a result, LaShawn served as a Co-Director of Music for the home–going services of an American Hero of the Civil Right’s Movement, Mother Rosa Parks. He has worked with sacred artist Yolanda Adams (String Arranger), Howard Hewitt (Keyboards), Pajam and Men of Standard (Keyboards), Nancy Jackson (Keyboards), Shirley Ceasar (Live Performance) and Richard Smallwood (Music Workshop/Performance).

All of which has led up to his debut album titled “LOVE, PEACE& PRAISE” released on independently LNC Music. Is not only a title, but a view of the albums content and vibe through out the superb project which features not only Traditional Jazz. But masterful Soul and Gospel influenced compositions. Soul Music gets its workouts with cuts like the smooth “Look into your Eyes” & “Runaway Love” featuring Chicago crooner Roderick Harper, who gives the likes of Will Downing a run for his money. And the Mid tempo “Every Time” featuring vocalist Melanie Rutherford, show the album is legitimately Soulful delivers on the Love, in its title. And on the Jazz side of things, GARY is a pianist virtuoso. Who seemingly glides  magically across the ivories on cuts like “Now is The Time” ,  “Serenity” and the album title cut “Love, Peace & Praise” with arrangements that echo the influences of Ramsey Lewis and Joe Sample. It is an album very steeped in Jazz. And yes the Lord is present in the Jam session on the inspirational ” Lord You’re All I Need” fulfilling the Praise. It is a necessity to all who enjoy good music. Gary recently has begun to perform in support of the project as the demand to see him live has grown. He in fact will have performed at the legendary New Orleans Jazz festival as of this writing.  LASHAWN GARY is the promise and fulfillment of his musical destiny. And to our benefit, we get to witness and experience to reverberation of this promise. ~Terry Martin ( Includes excerpts from




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