Something in the Soul – DOMINICK SHELTON


If you should ever have the pleasure of conversing with a singer/songwriter. Ask them what title do they fell fits them more accurately? And depending on that answer you will have the most accurate description of that individual as an artist. DOMINICK SHELTON, fits the mold of those before him to a tee.  Currently performing in support of his debut EP “LOVE/FREEDOM” released late last year independently.Its a mix of Soulful /Jazzy/ Neo Soul with songs like the first single “Rocket” which borrows from the late early Neo Soul era Music SoulChild/ John Legend-esque Smooth R&B, to The Acoustic Driven Title cut and a New Jack Swing inspired song called “Trust in Love” His songs are earnest and very honest in their inception,  and just as engulfing in their delivery by SHELTON as a capable vocalist. Like those before him, Smokey Robinson, Babyface, Neyo, Donnell Jones and such. You get the feeling that he became the interpreter of his compositions by default. Not that no one else could deliver or articulate his soulfful songs. But, rather he, became the interpreter to better bond and become THE, interpreter of his creations.And in a sense gave the listener a whole new aspect of DOMINICK ‘s songs, that was hinted but never clear to recognize. And as a performer onstage. with a live band, he delivers not only his own original materiel with the smoothness of a young Marvin or Will Downing. But does a rather intimate and personal rendition of classic and not so classic R&B/ Soul that drenches the audience in a wide wave of Soulfulness. He has a penchant for covering late 90s Mike City compositions like Jimmy Cozier’ “Sometimes I Love Her” or the Carl Thomas classic “I Wish I Never Met Her” that he utelizes his confident and cultured tenor to deliver not only note for note passionate and capable renditions. But allow him to find and employ his own enhancements vocally to the tunes. He is no questioned influenced by Jazz and also classical music in his vocal stylings but also in his writings. You hear flashes throughout his EP “LOVE/FREEDOM” a declarative concept package. He is enjoying performing more these days and will be putting together a special tribute show and ep to one of his favorites the legendary Stevie Wonder. And gracing the stage at a great number of venues and festivals thru 2017. If you like to hear authenticity and earnestness in your music. DOMINICK SHELTON is your kind of artist. And his music will no doubt put you where you wanna be.


souliloquy-3-dom souliloquy-3-main-flyer


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