dominique-davisNot many people are aware of Hamtramck Michigan. A small barely 2 miles in radius, city within Detroit. Established and still populated by Polish immigrants of the early 20th Century. And in the latter part of the 20th Century home to a good sized population of Arab American citizens as well. But it is also home to a burgeoning young Soul Singer making preparations to blow up the music scene. DOMINIQUE DAVIS, is a young artist with the blessings of musical talents that are world class. A vocalist, as well as a skilled songwriter and musician. DAVIS is only in the starting phase of her young career. But has prepped and primed herself for much of her short 20 years on the planet. Born in Columbia, SC but raised in the “D” more specifically Hamtramck. DOMINIQUE who plays alto sax and piano, says,  ” I’ve been singing since I could remember and I’ve been publicly singing since about 9 at local events in Hamtramck such as sports events, city hall events, teacher’s meetings, etc. I had the opportunity to sing for Vice President Joe Biden,  at the Jefferson-Jackson Democratic event at Cobo Hall. I just recently branched out to do my own music and here we are!” Modestly condensing the work shes put in even before deciding to make it a career. Writing , Singing , producing and recording songs  that would become her 4 song debut EP called “Trouble Waters” with a friend from college with a home studio setup. The end results are awesome and stand up to anything the industry currently has in rotation. Using her single “Done” as a calling card. DOMINIQUE’s pleading but strong tenor is front and center. Making every note she sings fill the song with a passionate yet confident declaration of not dismissing her lover  until she is Done’ with him. Utilizing a Trap Soul beat with her sensuous but earnest tenor reminiscent of a young raw Mary J. Blige, or Fantasia. She has a distinct soulful vocal that will no doubt make her voice recognizable.

As a songwriter., DOMINIQUE DAVIS  pen game is on point. She co wrote and produced her music  along with her producers making it a very personal yet liberating experience. When asked where she draws her inspirations from she says, “I do love Rihanna and my influences range! from Mary J, Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, Adele, Johnny Gill, Kehlani, Old, young, new, trap music, soul, indie, r&b I love it all! I use inspirations from all..”. She also draws her inspiration from  her own life experience as well. “I just have spent a lot of time around different cultures and I appreciate every style and I try to incorporate that in my music. I love reggae though, so that could be an inspiration as well.” And on her creation process and how it came together.” We set it up in the house and got to work as best we could.” The EP definitely came together well.. in addition to “Done”  on the 4 track project, She does evoke  a bit of Erykah Badu  and show off a little range and register elevation .Hitting notes reserved for Mariah Minions.  But DAVIS,  does so in a soulful passionate vibed out way of delivering a song, That makes it more of a Soulful wail a la Avant Garde’ Soul Legend Nina Simone, then a Memorex moment. Getting her feet wet onstage and getting the word and music on this first release right now is of her most immediate of plans. ” I am in the works of getting some shows together. And I’d like to collab with anyone!!” Says DOMINIQUE.

The young vocalist is also building her YouTube following by posting acoustic piano driven covers of dune of her favorite songs with her own vocal styling and, getting her Alicia Keys mojo working by accompanying herself on the keys. She recently posted her own variation of the classic Sam Cooke song, “A Change Gon Come”. Where she takes creative license by adding her own verse, in response to the divisiveness of our country at this time. Adding the lines “Some can’t go out the country. Some scared to go to certain towns. Our own President tryna hold us down”. She states on her own contribution to unification.. “Our lives are in danger, the least I could do is sing about it.” Using her talent to bring people together. You are the Bomb Dom…

– T. Martin



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