To say vocalist CHECHI SARAI was built for this music thing, Is a gross understatement. In short time she has built a resume worthy of a music biz veteran and shows no signs of slowing things down.Lets start with the obvious. YES She can sing the wings off angels. Anyone desiring of proof need only look to her YouTube channel where her cover clips AVERAGE, 20,000 authentic views each consistently. Or look to her professional resume where as a songwriter for the likes of Bad Boy artists Day 26 and as a backing vocalist for Soulster Eric Benet. Or to her extensive time as a choreographer for Teddy Riley. Needless to say she is one very talented and tireless young lady. A Michigan Native born to Immigrant Nigerian parents, CHECHI embraces and uses every fiber of her being in her career. “Some of my musical influences are Celine Dion, Brandy, UB40, Gyptian, and Awilo Logamba. My father and sister had a huge impact on my development. My father is responsible for my versatility. He used to be a DJ and exposed me to music from all of the world and a very young age. My sister Ogech helped develop my talent. In 1st grade I could already harmonize. She taught me how to dance and play piano as well.” says CHECHI, speaking on the many inspirations and influences that have shaped her well rounded approach to music. To understand CHECHI SARAI is to see her perform. SHE, enjoys it as much if not more than her audience does. She often smiles like a child on Christmas day when performing. Its almost a guilty pleasure in seeing someone so happy about what they are doing.”I love the opportunities that the industry provides. I hate the superficial part in the industry. The unrealistic expectation of artist is such a bad example for children.” says SARAI who is every bit the artists artist. . “I have been an artist forever. I truly decided to ditch school and outside music full time when I was 21.” on her decision to approach music full time. ” I want to viewed as an inspiring and positive artist that changed lives. I want to be known as a fighter. I represent the underdog and I will give everyone hope.”chechi3

Her unquenched desire to be an all around performer has led to some lucrative and very high profile gigs as well as a first hand industry education for the young singer..In addition to her well received cover videos. CHECHI, has been of late engulfed in creating her own original music. .”Touring with Eric Benet was life changing. Singing on his set as more of a lead role than back up. I had the opportunity to do duets with him. Opening up for Gyptian (a popular Raggae artist) was big deal for me too. He helped me feel more comfortable with my true swag that reveals my Nigerian roots immediately.”  Opportunities the vocalist has no question earned by being ready when opportunity knocks. Something she has always prepared herself for is to be skilled and ready to show off her talents including being a top notch dancer and choreographer..”I had taught dance many times in my life in colleges and middles school but at some point I lost confidence after spending more time  on being an artist as a whole.” speaking on an opportunity to work with New Jack Swing creator , Teddy Riley. . “I had the opportunity to choreograph for him (Teddy Riley). I had only the night before to prepare myself and 3 other dancers. After the show I knew I could do it again and for anybody.” Explaining why she holds herself to a high standard.  The results speak for themselves.

But of course the industry isn’t always so bright a gratifying. When speaking on some of the low points of her journey. CHECHI offer her own view of things,  “Downfalls I’ve experienced, were learning some industry lessons the hard way. I have no regrets though. I don’t make the same mistake twice. In 5 years,  I will be touring the world and changing lives. I would only and always be making music. ” An observation and rock solid tetement to the drive of a confident and more than capable artist. Another thing that is very admirable of the vocalist, is her constant embrace of her Nigerian roots. It gives her not only world appeal, but legitimizes and makes authentic where she gets her style and swag from. She is a go to performer as opener or co headliner for International artists such as Baby Cham, Gyptian , Flavour and international electronic act The Brookes Brothers.Equally at home working in pop, R&B, trap, Afrobeat, High Life (Nigerian music), and Rock music, her versatility as a performer and composer is unmatched among her peers. “My music is a message of individuality, self-love, and perseverance, all of which were strengthened and solidified in me due the setbacks that I have overcome.” Ever the optimist, CHECHI SARAI has been hard at work creating music for her debut album as well as putting out a very strong ep from2016 called “BRAGGING RIGHTS” displaying  her octave reaching expertise on a Riddim mix to the classic Minnie Riperton song “Loving You” and her title song “Bragging Rights” to hold us over till the album drops in 2017.
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