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ONE of the first things you you notice and never forget about young vocalist from Ann Arbor, MI….MYNA ( Rashmi Pandian) is her spirit. The humble selfless aura that belies her young 18 years, is evident upon meeting and greeting the first generation Indian American, who prefers hugs to handshakes. With the posting of several of her musical creations, has begun to stake her name as an artist. Delivering in the form of her song called , “Lemon Trees (YELLOW)” an ode to people around you changing up….from her soon to come out EP titled “roygbv” – Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Violet.. Dropping in February, the title is an ode to the colors of the rainbow.. and her feelings of it. Lyrically largely written by MYNA featuring production from several up & coming producers.. It is a strong effort from such a young soul. Heavily influenced by other young Ingenues of the day like Solange, SZA and one if her favorites, Jhene Aiko, with whom she draws natural comparisons, which MYNA humbly takes as the ultimate compliment. She is also a multi instrumentalist, playing electric guitar, piano and ..ukulele. Self taught no less and a tribute to her tenacity and seriousness to her chosen craft. Her vocal parallels between ethereal and breezy, yet confident in its execution. Which she uses to her advantage during performances where she draws in with her warmth and then delivers a commanding performance to a captivated audience. She is fluid in her cadence heavy delivery, often alternating in a rhythmic delivery and almost rapping, within an already passionate delivery. With her song, the Soundcloud released, “Lemon Trees” having gained some 12k views, she is poised to continue to grow.

Being a singer/ songwriter was probably not her parents planned for the her. But being exposed to not only the music and customs of her heritage, while simultaneously growing up in a western hemisphere way of life. Gave MYNA the insights and appreciation if being a world individual versus cookie cutter All American girl. Her writing offers the views of a young woman coming of aged, in this still young millennium. Dealing with relationships both romantic and friendship based, along within a climate of diversity thanks to being a product of Ann Arbor, Mi. Where the world renown University of Michigan sits in your backyard and encompasses the majority of the city. Of course education is important to the only daughter of Indian immigrants, Who coincidentally, was accepted to rival Michigan State University. MYNA has also shown been serious about this music thing for a minute. In b preparation is currently enrolled in college courses preparing to enter college fulltime in the near future.


As for now..we get to enjoy the music of MYNA that uses lush landscapes paired with Sparse Hip Hop beats along with MYNA’s pleading yet confident vocals reminiscent of Groove Theory vocalist Amel Larriuex and Goapele. Cuts like the aforementioned “Lemon Trees”, “Spaceship Serenade” and “Loud”, find the young singer riding grooves that would make even the most stringent of Hip Hop heads nod…She had range as well..during LIVE performances, she can be heard taking Songs by as diverse artists as Adele and Frank even 50 Cent.. Showing her ability to adapt to music not like her own. But to make the music her, own…T.Martin

Listen to 7:30 – MYNA & Sam Watson [Prod. SCHEM/\TIC] by MYNA #np on #SoundCloud


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