It’s the most basic , but most important thing a singer possesses. Their weapon of choice, their instrument, their voice. Is what makes and or breaks their career. Every great vocalist has a signature sound or tone that is their calling card Legends Patti, Gladys, Chaka and later Jazmine, Brandy and Monica are Power Girls.. Whitney , Mariah &  Jilly from Philly Are Masters of the prototypes of their Vocalese. . . Then there are others who bring something to the table you never heard, and never will forget. In the mold of Toni Braxton, Anita Baker and Phyliss Hyman.. this young lady truly has a weapon all her own, that will command the demand to hear more. TERRI SCHUH, the 20 year old anomaly whose Tenor you will hear and learn to appreciate is on the cusp of a come up that she was destined to make. The third generation vocalist is pedigreed in several ways. She didn’t choose music , it clearly chose her as the vehicle by which the family legacy will continue. Terri was born into music royalty thru her Grandfather William Guest, who was a member of the legendary group Gladys Knight & The Pips. So she has  large shoes to fill. But with an unmistakable signature  vocal, TERRI will no doubt make her own mark very soon.. Obviously with her smoky mature singing voice, she gets comparisons to the legendary Detroit vocalist Anita Baker, and Grammy winner Toni Braxton, but she also draws inspiration from others as well. “Musically terri4Jill Scott inspired me at a young age and made me look a little wider when it comes to my vocal instrument. Professionally & personally Singers and Songwriters Antea  & Anesha Birchett, I got the pleasure to work with Antea in college and she always inspired me to be a smart, strong woman in the business. And  to never let anyone walk all over you, A confident and performance technique and I appreciated every bit of knowledge I learned from her. “ says the former DIME – Detroit Institute of Music Education student who also has R&B lineage, in the form of manager Deborah Stubbs, daughter of legendary Four Tops vocalist, Levi Stubbs. The legacy is deep in her corner as is  the talent in the young entertainer who has been at it for sometime since she was even younger.. “I’ve been a musician for about 10 years. And what made me want to pursue it,  is my love for music. And, because my grandpa wanted at least one of us (me and Sister Marissa) to be an entertainer lol.” She has been fortunate to be surrounded and nurtured by Motown Royalty . She was vocally trained by famed Motown producer, engineer and songwriter,  The Late Clay McMurray. A  very great honor that is not lost on the Phyliss Hyman like entertainer who is an in demand performer in and around Detroit. She has been building a following, thru a steady diet of performances in festivals and name venues like the Music Hals recently christened Aretha’s Jazz Café. She understands and looks forward to the ascension has ups and downs.. “I was to be viewed as the artist that didn’t lose that R&B soul touch. The artist that wasn’t scared to sing those really low notes and be different from most artists. I also want to be a role model for any young artist scared to pursue something after high school that most say is impossible.” 


Its always a joy to see a young artists come into her own. Especially when they are as sweet a person offstage, as they are on. A Mature 20 year old, TERRI is enjoying the ride that comes with the grind..“I love the amazing, crazy talented people I get to meet and/or work with on the daily.  But,  I don’t like the manipulation, corrupt, thieving scoundrels that are also amongst the industry.” Says the Young Detroit vocalist who recently made an appearance on Legendary Detroit DJ Mason Radio program, “One of my professional highlights,  would probably be my interview and ( my song ) “Remaking”  being on 105.9 & showing up on tv twice for Festival Arts, Beats and Eats. I truly don’t think there’s any downside to my career yet except for just a little stress along the way..” says Schuh, Who sees her future clearly, even if she wasn’t making music. She could see herself as a veterinarian or a chef. Or at this time drowning in college debt. But she is on the road to living in the footsteps of some of her favorites. The vocalist who is also a guitarist explains.. “I reeeeally wanna be Esperanza Spalding. The way she executes her songs are so unique, crazy and progressing and I fall in love every time I listen. Her vocals are even better.” Without out a doubt, TERRI SCHUH, is in line to make a mark. Given time and opportunity. Right Now the young vocalist is gearing up for an album release event and to get back to doing her thing onstage and making memorable music of her own. 

-Terry Martin for RnBInTheD.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/terri.schuh/

InstaGram – https://www.instagram.com/terrischuhmusic/

WebSite – https://www.terrishuofficial.com/





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