Review – THE DAVIS WAY – “VISONARY” , Is Hip Hop done the Right Way ..

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Its not always all about R&B in the “D”. We also have a way with Hip Hop. So I had to give a test drive to the anticipated release from Detroit Producer Troy Davis new project , The Davis Way – VISONARY. Let get into it..

Something So Amazing  Ft. Mr. Furious                                                                            Starting off with a great Hook that rides the beat with a wild and reckless feel to it . Mr. Furious voice reminds me of a Trick Trick only more rhythmic and more inviting and his skill level is more advanced. He delivers.

Like and Share ft. Uncle P                                                                                                      Pulling Uncle P out of retirement, from the mic at least, gets you props in my book off the bat!! And he sets up P with Hard Hitting soundbase to drop knowledge as only Uncle P can. He is a respected Detroit vet and dropping science is his forte. He ives of Too Short vibes, just in a more inspirational mode. Welcome back P!!!

My Own Lane ft. Yung Profhet                                                                                                      This one is a Detroit style banger with a Spanglish mixed flow courtesy of Yung Profhet which adds a new twist to the traditional Detroit style delivery. It pays homage to the Southwest Detroit contingent

Last Name ft. 3269 Chise                                                                                                              One of my favorite Detroit emcees, 3269 Chise always delivers. And anything with him on it is an automatic listen from me. And he doesn’t waste time or effort. Its part poetry and Hip Hop. It goes for emotion rather than the bravado Chise is known for. And it lands where it counts with great base in the underlying track

Stampede ft. Leaf Erikson                                                                                                        Again the production of The Davis way has a great mouthpiece in Leaf Erikson to beat up the track on. And he makes the most of the deep groove layerd beat driven track . Reminds me of M.O.P. meets Dr. DRE with the feel of the track. Erikson a Detroit veteran spitter flips lyrics like the champ he is riding the beat to glory.

Pure Product ft. Ty Farris                                                                                                          From the beginning of this track it grabs you and add to that Ty Farris’ raw rip style delivery keeps you involved. He buzz-saws thru the track while he dances lyrically on the bounce influnced beat. He gives off Jadakiss vibes to full effect.

Colony ft. John Cloud
Horn driven and melodic. Dope game anthem. A firm Detroit celebratory track with many mentions of the”D”. John Cloud displays his Detroit love throughout dropping mentions and Detroit references that show his “D” Pride

A Visionary Flow ft. Tru Klassick
More Musically arranged and produced. This is a more full sounding song with a musical layer that is melancholic and moody. Reminds me of Gangstarr/ Pete Rock CL Smooth. Tru Klassick takes the groove and rides it in true Hip Hop fashion. You can hear Jazz fusionist moods in this one for sure

Lay it Down ft. VStylez
Another more fully arranged and produced cut. Is paired with a deserving feature in VStylez who jumps on it like the track owes him something. With great results. It gives you 90s Jay Z / Fabolous vibes with a guitar lick intro that grabs your attention and leads you into the tracks

Watch em Fall ft. Finale
Finale is a beast and any track with him has got to ride shotgun right. He takes a Method Man/Wu Tang approach and doesn’t disappoint. Its raw and grimey and all good. Its Back Packer Hip Hop to the fullest.

Earn It ft. Supa Emcee
The fast pace had have a driver who could hit the curves and Supa Emcee, a Detroit legend is just the man for the job. Its like driving up the Lodge with a Pro. Definitely one of my favorite cuts on the album. You find yourself riding the beat along with Supa who dances on the beat throughout. Another Wu Tang influenced delivery giving Ghost Face/ Raekwon Vibes..

Just My Thoughts ft. Josef Coney Island
The groove on this cut is a great soundbase for Josef Coney Island to ride with his laid back delivery. Very metaphoric and melodic in his delivery. True Hip Hop KRS 1 like melding with a little Locs to keep the edge on while riding the Jazz influenced groover.

Visionary ft. Ms. Carmen
And R&B makes an appearance to close out the project in the form of Ms. Carmen. The track is a semi Rock influenced cut that is aided by a centric horn throughout pairing with Ms. Carmen’s vocal that touches on Indie artist Res and Solange to deliver the massage and celebration of being genuine and free. Good vibes from this one.

Overall The Davis Way “VISIONARY”, is producer Troy Davis’ “Chronic” or better yet “The Dude” in Hip Hop mode. He took time and put together each track. Not just handed out a beat Tape and said pick to his contributors. But, you can tell each song was designed and put together with each contributor in mind. As none are out of place on the song or within the production and execution. It is a Hip Hop heads who LISTEN project. Its a Head Nodder in spots. But for those who listen and appreciate the art of Hip Hop, with a Detroit edged influence. You will love it. Shout Out Troy Davis you did the Dam Thing  Sir..  – RnBInThD – Terry Martin. 

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Twitter – @TDavisWay

Instagram – the_davis_way

Facebook – @TheDavisWay



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