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One thing and the first thing you will catch in dealing with artists, Is their style. Not just their clothing or musical style. But, their persona, mannerisms, swagger if you will. Its kind of the identifier before you hear a note, and sometimes it determines if, you want to hear anything from them at all. It took a minute to nail down Vocalist JEFF DEAN, the hard working vocalist is THE GRIND when it comes to his career. I call him the Grind, because he is always on the clock. Everything he is and does is relative to his career and building it. But, back to Style points. DEAN, upon meeting him in the flesh, has it down pat. Always dressed to stand out and command attention, and ready for the op be it an interview, photo or better yet performing. He is the artist’s artist. He takes great pride in being an artist. It is this attention to detail he brings to all aspects from day one of dedicating himself to the Task. I started hitting local open mics; networking with songwriters and producers. Then from there, I started working on my personal music.”, says DEAN on his first beginnings . The Detroit based Singer and Songwriter takes his profession to heart and makes sure above all else you will know who he is and what he does. And if you don’t or have any doubts, He makes it his mission to show you from the jump.  67440939_2330072917252834_1993339079927791616_n  I have been doing music professionally for 8 years. I have always had the love for singing and music. I have been in several groups but ventured on my own after I won a competition.” On his realization that this was his calling . He has taken painstaking moves to surround himself with the best available even at the Indie Artist level. He is Mentored / Managed by , Antea Birchett, a Detroit Music Scene luminary. ” When I transitioned from singing gospel music to secular, Antea started to vocal coach me. I started working on my own music and I our relationship just grew from there. Antea and her sister Anesha make up APLUS(Universal Music Publishing Group Songwriters) . They have been truly helpful in my career. I haven’t had to go through some of the major hiccups new artist encounter with their guidance. I also have become a pretty good songwriter by working with them.”.says the proud pupil DEAN, of the Birchett sisters involvement in his career .  Birchett, along with Sister Anesha, are a seasoned award winning songwriting team who have written for the likes of Beyonce’, Ciara and H.E.R., and are artists themselves under the name of A*PLUS. Given with their own successes, they were perfectly positioned to aid JEFF, in his pursuit of music as a career. Which has already yielded results in the shape of JEFF opening up for Industry established artists like K. Michelle and Trevor Jackson. I love being able to perform and connect with my fans. I hate that social media numbers impact an artist career. I feel like its another thing that effects the creativity of an artist.” says DEAN who is also in addition to being an artist is also a voting member of the Recording Academy  a nod to his dedication  to knowing all aspects of the industry. I do believe it’s important to be more than just an artist. Artist tell the story of the times. So I believe it’s important to get involved in whatever is shaping our community at the time. I became part of the recording academy in 2018. It’s more than just voting for the The Grammys but aiding in the artist community on grand scale. There are blood drives, dental assistance, seminars, and even a relief program for the Covid -19 Pandemic for members.” Says Jeff who believes in knowing what he is dealing with and working it to an advantage. The more you know , the more you grow.. to borrow from the 90’s Saturday Morning Mantra.

Speaking of which. JEFF DEAN is a throw back to what R&B music is and should be. Unafraid to give the people what they want. And he does. So much of him reminds me of the likes of Tyrese, Mario and Ginuwine to name a few.. He makes R&B music unapologetic-ally. Not to down the newer neo soul/ Alternative artists of today like Anderson. PAAK or the Daniel Caesar’s of the world.. According to the singer its in his DNA.. 46190788_2154896768103784_6216942487827644416_n I’m super influenced by Motown Music and 90s R&B. Most of my childhood was in the 90’s, where artist like Whitney Houston, Jodeci, TLC, and more was played in my household.”..Without question he is a devotee to the 90’s sound and style. And feels like R&B is in a good place and can go further wit the right pieces in place..”I feel like R&B is in a great place sonically. But because the lack of money behind R&B, its slow at reaching the masses.” , Speaking on the ups and downs of being in music from the artists standpoint and also from the business side of things. So far, the young singer has scored with his own original music . Songs like  “TKO” featuring Love & Hip Hop Artist, and fellow Detroiter, LaBritney  and also features an outstanding video directed by Fellow Detroit Videographer Dollah Jones. Showing DEAN’s faithfulness to working with and bringing up, his hometown people as he climbs in the game. He takes all aspects serious and invests in himself whether its music or life period.My family is very supportive about my career path. I was originally in school to be a lawyer when my junior year at Wayne State, I decided not to apply to law school. I told my mom and she was like “I support whatever you do, as long as it is positive.” I ended up graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and then I went right into pursuing my music career.” Citing his desire and support for the career choice of music from his family and where he gets his drive from. He goes all the way in and completes the task. 41925120_2125003437759784_8915132013661388800_nHe is a continuous student of the game and finds many inspirations in other artists and their music as well as his own. Its the song called “Remember Me’ by Jacob Latimore. I wish it was mine because at the time of its release, I was dealing with wanting someone I lost back. If I could mimic anyone career, it would be Usher’s. Usher had the right amount of success in his prime.” An observer and also noble artist. JEFF DEAN gives credit where it is due, and longs to be among these same inspirations as an influence in his own right as soon as he can. Not just for himself but for others looking into music as well..I want to be viewed as iconic and real. An artist that is nice to his fans, has style, music that you celebrate to, cry to and make love to. I think My audience digs me because of my sound and look. My vibes are nostalgic of the 90s for most of my audience. I give them the current sound of R&B with a melodic approach. Others should dig me for the same reason. My music will make them feel good!

Taking his cues from the likes of the current crop of Soul crooners like Tank and Gallant,  and not forgetting that R&B is about lovers too. He recently released a new single called  “Good Morning” with an assist in the form of his mentor Anesha Birchett. A timely sensuous groove. Looking forward to his future in music, he sees himself with a shelf of Grammy’s and a few movies roles under his belt and giving back by assisting artists himself , I would be helping others with their music career. Developing and doing creative direction for other artist.” And no question the results would come fast and furious with a Grinder like JEFF DEAN involved showing its not just what you do, but its all In the Approach RnBInTheD – Terry Martin

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