REVIEW Jill Govan – Smell The Roses (Full EP)


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In these times, as of this writing.. We need something calming and at the same time, we need to be moved. Which makes me more than happy to know that Vocalist, Songwriter and Guitarist JILL GOVAN brings forth her EP “Smell The Roses” , a folk / chill/ lofi inspired project form the Detroit based just in time for me to get a breath of fresh air in a world on the edge. We needed this like we need the renewal of springtime.

Starting off with a classic, JILL gives her take on Mr. Rogers theme ” Won’t You Be My Neighbor” that says we are here together lets not only be civil, but give each other room to live with and though each other.. Next up is a joint called “2am” that is not only rhythmically moving but in her introspectiveness its a little cleansing. We all have inner thoughts and GOVAN manages to not only sympathize, but offer her own retrospective via this melodic movement.  Image may contain: 1 person, tree and outdoor“Stuck”  and “Race” takes us down a more folky road that is elevated by JILL’s comfortable soprano and background vocal arrangements that makes them more engaging versus complacent within its traditional acoustic music delivery. “Race” takes a little darker tone but the more driven vocal gives it a swing that makes you stay on point with her. “Enjoy The Ride” has an air and bounce that makes you wanna groove hit her!! Her vocal dances on top of the soft percolation of this track  especially when she sings “So Buckle up tight and Enjoy the Ride..” and her back grounds once again carry along with her warm vocal to make the ride even nicer. Closing out the set is “Morning Coffee”,  a joint that gives almost Minnie Riperton vibes in its deliver and execution. It sounds private and at the same time, inspirational and spiritual in its testimony. And just when it reaches its peak and JILL reaches for a higher level, a lush string arrangement helps with the glide. “Smell The Roses” is a solid acoustic EP written largely by GOVAN with an assist from Marvin Thompson Jr. It gives a lift to the acoustic format that can get redundant with long listens, but weaves in subtle lifts that keep you up for the ride. Glad to get these Roses now.. – Terry Martin

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