The way people come to me, is big in my mind as to how I see them during our relationship. Sometimes our meeting is totally unplanned and blooms from totally unforeseen circumstances. Meeting ROSE THORNBERRY, was one of those oops moments. I was actually researching another vocalist and made contact with her instead. After a brief correction ROSE revealed that she was actually a vocalist as well so the effort was not in complete vain. And after knowing her for some 2 years, she has bloomed into a consistent a serious artist who is not content with mediocrity or wasting time when it comes to building her career. The already accomplished and young University of Detroit Mercy Graduate, who has already begun her career as an architect, wanted to pursue music. Architecture, is not an easy major let alone career field to break into.. add to that her female persuasion in a male dominated field. But music , was a whole new challenge and a passion she never let die..“I launched my professional solo career at the end of 2019. Before this I had been singing since I was 10 years old. I never took great action on my career until now because of my own fears and my own insecurities. At this point in my life I am no longer letting those hold me back so, now I am full force into my goals in my dreams in music. says the 23 year old vocalist, who began her pursuit by releasing a cover of Summer Walkers “Girls Need” on Soundcloud and the original single “Favorite Song” in 2019 a Mid tempo groover reminiscent of SZA and Daniliegh’s Minimalistic, but Beat heavy productions..

“There wasn’t anything that truly made me start music. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t singing to commercials or singing to any song I could or even singing in the choir. I was influenced at a really young age by music and it moved me in a way that nothing else could and for a little kid that doesn’t really understand the world yet and doesn’t have anyone that truly understands them it’s easy to find serenity and peace with music.. offering a little more insight into her drive as an artist. Once she was sure about it, ROSE jumped in full throttle. Applying the same tenacity in pursuing her education, into pursuing music. A lifelong music lover. ROSE’ music offers a wide range of flavors and influences that shape her sound. In fact, one of her greatest attributes as a vocalist is her vocal itself. To the listener she delivers a soulful rasp not far from T- Boz of TLC and a Pop Rock Soul Chasm of Macy Grey.. According to ROSE, it was something she always had.. “I used to do every kind of voice when I was growing up, I would mimic everyone just to hear my voice in different ways. And there was always this weird rasp in my voice when I sang. As I started to get older I started to hone in on it and started to like it. First time recorded, I had a producer tell me that it nothing he’d ever heard before. That it was something special and unique. And I’ve grown to like it a lot.”

With the release of her first EP “Mango Juice”, ROSE takes the reins as not just the vocalist but also a selective Executive producer . Choosing the various producers and collaborators with a keen eye toward making sure the concepts and ideas she had are properly interpreted. Something missing in today’s music, concept, was paramount in the project. The vocalist who lists a varying collection of influences in what makes her music vibe..” I am influenced by everything. I find inspiration through people in my life or people in life. I believe that everything has a purpose and with that I keep myself open for inspiration and influences.  As for Musical inspirations, I will always have a plethora. I grew up listening to all different types of music. One day my dad would play classic rock in the car and the next I’ll be listening to 80s pop music or R&B with my mom. Then the next I’ll be hearing jazz in the living room. It truly depended on the day and I am so grateful for that. I think it’s so important to have a broad Spectrum of music.”  Offering artistic inspiration from a diverse number of artists including but not lmited to the likes of Jhené Aiko, Janis Joplin, Billie Holliday, Jacob Collier, Jimi Hendrix, H.E.R., Gwen McCrae, Victoria Monet and also including Rock Vocalist Stevie Nicks as a personal favorite. Stating that All of these artists have given the world a new way to feel music and understand lyricism, and that is what she strives to do with her own music. The result is the 5 song EP “Mango Juice” and very Groovecentric collection of Soulful R&B/Pop Blending some aspects of Hip Hop and Neo Soul to make a complete non stop no skip project that takes certain air from the Murder Inc./ Ashanti era as well as brings about the perfect feels for its early Spring release. Speaking on the EP and its intended messages, ROSE elaborates her exact intentions “So anyone that knows me knows that I love mangoes. It is an alkaline fruit and my favorite fruit of all time. When doing this EP I was strategic in my lyricism. Yes, it is a sexual EP, so I titled it something that revealed some unique and that was simple. I feel a lot of times fruit is compared to sexual things. Whether that be body parts or sexual acts, it is compared a lot. So, I wanted to morph my love of this fruit and my love of my own sexuality into one project. YES!! YES!! Not only a woman who is confident, compassionate and clear about who she is and what she wants. But AN ARTIST, with vision!!Its refreshing to know and see her vision come to full fruition (No pun intended). But, when you keep things as close to the cuff as she has. You get what you want. Meaning when you do it right the first time you won’t have many things again. She keeps things easy to follow and feel when it comes to her music.. “To go in more depth, I wanted it to be a process. Each track is a process of making mango juice So, I also wanted to compare each track to the process of a woman gaining confidence in her needs and wants. So, the closer you get to the mango juice the more confidence you have. Also, the more vocalization you have to give to the person you’re having the connection with.” The world has music for those who are listening. As well as a woman can tell you what she wants.. If you listen..Thank you ROSE Who verbalizes her message so its easy to understand and follow. “A lot of times women are embarrassed to talk about or display their wants to the person that they are having the sexual experience with. I’ve never been that person. I will always say what I want because I’d rather not waste the time not say anything and just letting the person guess. So this EP is a vocalization and a display of women becoming confident in their sexuality to the point where they aren’t the ones asking, they’re the ones telling and doing.  That’s what I want for all women. I want them to be comfortable vocalizing things they want and not just letting anything happen, because they didn’t say what they truly wanted. This goes with anything in life, not just sexual things. Women are put down for their opinions all because they’re women. I believe that women are the most beautiful beings on earth and deserve everything. We might not always see that, but without us there wouldn’t be evolution.” A roaring example of a Woman who embraces and supports a womans right to be confident, calculating and cognizant of themselves and responsible for our own happiness. Whether its sexual, professional or personal. ROSE THORNBERRY, Got the Juice.. you can use..Terry Martin for

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